Living in natural style


Quinta de Cravel

Wake up in the morning, open the window and breathe in the fresh air of a forest park of over 6 hectares. Have breakfast on the veranda and go jogging on one of the many tracks and paths around the property. Follow this with a game of tennis on the playing field, and then around lunchtime enjoy the restaurant terrace while watching the children run and play freely.

A magical, city-centre location where time and life are valued.

Miradouro no Cravel Park
Cravel Park - Cantinho do Gaio

Cravel Park

Designed as a natural refuge in the city centre, Cravel Park is a nature reserve of over 6 hectares with trails and viewpoints with superb views over the city and the Douro River.

Quinta de Cravel residents benefit from exclusive access to this space, where they can enjoy privileged contact with its flora and fauna. A place to live in calmness and take advantage of every moment.

Cravel Park viewpoints
Contact with Nature
The peace and quiet of Quinta de Cravel lake
Undiscovered nooks and crannies
Space for pets
The animals of Quinta de Cravel
Footpaths in Cravel Park
Outdoor sports

Cravel Club

Inspired by British traditions, Cravel Club is a space dedicated to resident well-being. Next to the lake, is the playing field, for the exclusive use of Quinta de Cravel residents – the perfect space for sports lovers.

The restaurant and terrace are the perfect place to enjoy lunch with friends while the children play freely. Birthday parties can be celebrated in the games room, a space available to Quinta de Cravel residents.

Spaces for spending time outdoors and enjoying nature
Spaces for welcoming friends
Playing field
Time for what really matters
Games room
Cravel Club rooms
Space for children to play freely
10 hectares just waiting to be discovered


Discover every nook and cranny of Quinta de Cravel, from the lake viewpoints to Cravel Park and Cravel Club.