Nature in the city centre

Excellent location

With its location on Avenida da República, the Quinta de Cravel benefits from excellent main road access and its proximity to a wide range of services, such as schools, shopping centres and a hospital. An excellent location that provides every urban comfort integrated with Nature.

Close to everything


A city to discover

From the beautiful views of the Serra do Pilar, to family activities in the Lavandeira Park or wine tasting with friends in the Port wine cellars, the city of Gaia has a life of its own that is worth discovering.
Ribeirinha de Gaia area
With a range of bars and restaurants, Gaia’s riverside area is the perfect place to enjoy wonderful views over the city of Porto.
WOW Porto
Just a few minutes away from Quinta de Cravel, the World of Wine is a project of national interest where you can discover the history of Portuguese wine.
Port Wine Cellars
Vila Nova de Gaia is home to some of the most famous Port wine cellars, including Ferreira, Graham’s, Croft, Churchill’s, Taylor’s, Offley and Cockburn’s.
Quinta do Fojo Golf Course
Designed to strike a balance between playing golf regularly and big city life, the Quinta do Fojo Golf Course is currently the largest golf centre in the north of the country.
Douro Marina
Promoting an innovative concept reflecting the importance of sport, leisure, well-being and a deep respect for nature, Douro Marina is much more than a marina.
The Yeatman
The Yeatman is a unique and distinctive brand in the world of global luxury hotels. Located in the upper zone of the historical centre of Vila Nova de Gaia, this hotel has fascinating views over the Douro River and the Porto waterfront from its extensive gardens and spacious rooms.
Lavandeira Park
With sports and leisure activities, hiking trails, themed gardens and a 19th century neo-gothic greenhouse, the 11 hectares of Lavandeira Park is the perfect place to spend an afternoon with the family.
Serra do Pilar Monastery
Listed by Unesco as a World Heritage site, the Serra do Pilar Monastery dates back to the 16th century and is today one of the best examples of classical European architecture. Its viewpoint offers splendid views over Gaia, Porto and the Douro River.
Monte da Virgem
With excellent views over the city, Monte da Virgem is home to a sanctuary dating back to the early 20th century.
Gaia Biological Park
With an area of 35 hectares, here you can enjoy a stroll, take part in workshops or themed tours or have a picnic.
Clérigos Tower
The Clérigos Tower is one of the most emblematic monuments of the city of Porto: its height of 76 metres and over 200 steps give access to a privileged panoramic view of Porto.
Casa da Música
A space with unique characteristics where music finds a home. Casa da Música is a building that has established itself as one of the country’s main concert halls.