Code of Ethics and Conduct

Applicable to all Group Entities and Employees

At its meeting on 5 February 2018, the Board of Directors of Teixeira Duarte, S.A. approved the new “Teixeira Duarte Group Code of Ethics and Conduct”.

View the “Teixeira Duarte Group Code of Ethics and Conduct” here.

The Code enshrines the mission and values that define Teixeira Duarte’s Ethics and establishes rules that reinforce, develop or complement them, thus defining the Conduct of all the respective recipients.

What entities does it apply to?

This new updated version of the Code applies to Teixeira Duarte, S.A. itself and extends to all entities that form part of its consolidation perimeter and management scope, in all geographical areas where the Group carries out its activity.

Who does it apply to?

The Code is aimed at all Directors, Workers and Other Company Representatives. Furthermore, not only is it the responsibility of all of these employees to know about and grasp the Code, and to implement it within the institution and defend it externally, but also to encourage the application of the respective rules by third parties in the sector, and during the course of relationships that these parties maintain with any Teixeira Duarte Group entities.

Reporting irregularities

Any irregularities that are identified concerning any external or internal standards must be reported by the following means:

  • Correspondence addressed to the management or supervisory body of the Teixeira Duarte Group Company in which the irregularities in question occurred;
  • Correspondence addressed to the Board of Directors or the Supervisory Board of Teixeira Duarte, S.A.;
  • An email addressed to an independent body set up within the Teixeira Duarte Group. The email address is


Each Group Company guarantees the confidentiality of any communications that are received, that there is no retaliation against complainants for complaints filed in good faith, and that the personal data of the complainant and the person suspected of committing the infraction are protected. Any retaliation committed against the complainants is condemned by Teixeira Duarte, S.A. and by all Group companies, and may lead to disciplinary proceedings against perpetrators and the people who allowed any such retaliation.