Imposing trees stand around you.
Trails accompany your steps, in synch with life. You stroll down to the lake and pause for a moment before returning home.
Breakfast is always with the family, on the balcony with views over Porto. After a game of tennis, enjoy lunch on the restaurant terrace, from where you get a great sense of the environment and charm all around you.
The elegance of the property and exclusive feel of the club with a games room.
The character of a space closely linked to the former Coats & Clarck factory, full of places to explore. It makes you proud to live in such a special place.
Afternoons are spent in the infinity pool, contemplating the treetops and the wonderful view over the city.
In the evening, dinner with friends on the gourmet rooftop is the perfect way to end the day. The lights in the background reveal a city with a life of its own, that is well worth discovering.
The next day when you step outside the gates, you can't believe that the bustling city is out there. You can't wait to get back to that little oasis in the middle of urban life.
Don't worry. It’s waiting for you.